About Linda Mealey Lohmann


Attorney LINDA MEALEY-LOHMANN is an experienced litigator who practices exclusively in the area of ADR as a Mediator and Arbitrator. She handles primarily employment discrimination and workplace disputes and commercial and business lawsuits; but also handles disputes involving breach of contract, home improvement, debt collection, landlord/tenant,  homeowner association, and other civil lawsuits.

Prior to her work as an ADR Neutral, Linda was an employment law litigator who counseled and represented clients in discrimination lawsuits in court, arbitration, and mediation (beginning in 1991).

Linda co-authored The Minnesota ADR Handbook: A Guide to Mediation, Arbitration, and Other Processes for Advocates and Neutrals (MN CLE 2011).  Linda is a frequent presenter for MN CLE and has written and presented extensively on ADR, mediation, arbitration, and employment law topics since 1995.  Linda speaks Mandarin Chinese and has traveled extensively in China for over 30 years.  Click here for Linda’s China Connections

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Linda's Mediation Approach

  • Linda’s mediation approach is to tailor the mediation process to best meet the needs of the parties for the specific dispute before them.  Her approach helps parties to talk about the issues important to them, to fully understand their situation and their options going forward, to identify areas of agreement and build on those, and to exhaust all possibilities for settlement.   Linda helps parties identify their own economic, personal, and business needs and interests, and helps them look for ways to resolve the dispute that meet their needs better than continued litigation.
  • She encourages parties and their attorneys to think strategically about whether joint sessions or individual caucus sessions or a combination would be best for the specific dispute.  She encourages them to be intentional and have a reason for such process decisions, and not rely on a default process.  Her experience has shown that mediation offers the opportunity for direct communication among the parties and attorneys, which can increase parties’ understanding of their own and the other party’s perspective on their current situation that often leads to new ideas about how to resolve the conflict.
  • In those cases where parties feel that the law should be the controlling standard in resolving the dispute, her approach can help parties understand how the other views the law and the weaknesses/strengths of the case and help them analyze possible legal outcomes and trial risk.
  • Honoring party self-determination is the most important guiding principle.   Attorneys and parties value her ability to be optimistic, patient, and tenacious in the face of “apparent” impasse.  Based on her extensive experience as a mediator and trainer of mediators, she is able to draw on a wide variety of skills to ensure that the needs of the parties are satisfied.

Linda's Arbitration Approach

Linda’s arbitration approach is to maximize efficiency and economy while providing each part a fair opportunity to present their case.  She helps clients and attorneys understand that arbitration can be a true alternative to litigation and need not “look like” a trial, but can be a process tailored to be more efficient and cost effective.  This means Linda will manage an efficient pre-arbitration process, conduct an impartial hearing, evaluate and weigh the facts fairly, and render a timely and clearly-written decision based on an impartial evaluation of all legitimate factors.

Linda serves as a Neutral on the following ADR PANELS:

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